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My Top 5 List of Parenting Books

Aug 26,20

For some people parenting comes naturally. New Parents Below are 5 of my most influential parenting books I’ve read throughout …

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Positivity Quotes for Dads

Aug 17,20

Everything matters, and yet don’t sweat it! Jeremy, 2020 Willpower doesn’t last, but rituals (not just habits) can last a …

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When Your Son is So Funny, Yet Doesn’t Know It

Aug 17,20

Occasionally my boy says things that I don’t think he realizes how really funny they are. The wording occasionally comes …

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Surviving while Staying at Home

May 18,20

We are months into the most incredibly different moments in our generation. Although history would tell us that pandemics such …

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A Changing World: Take Advantage of it

Apr 7,20

Amidst the greatest change this modern world has memory of, the Covid-19 pandemic is causing massive changes to the our …

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Phone Addiction: Thoughtless Consumption

Mar 10,20

Phone addiction can creep up into a family, even a well-meaning family very quickly. I have observed two instances that …

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Youth Sports: Coaching vs Controlling

Mar 2,20

It was the first tournament game of indoor volleyball for the under 10 year old age group. I could hear …

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The Preferred Alternative: How to Live Life so Devices Seem Like a Waste of Time?

Feb 23,20

In thinking more about how I answer the question “How Much Time is Okay for Kids to be on Their …

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How Much Time Is Okay For Kids to Be On Their Device?

Feb 21,20

The real question is, will there be any child looking back on their youth and wishing, “man, I wish I …

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What is most important for parents? Part II – A Hard look on our bad habits

Feb 18,20

In my first post in asking the question, what is most important for new parents to focus on, I answered …

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