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When I had a daughter, I became a dad.

I never knew I would be working every day to become a father.

I chose to create for myself 12 parenting hacks that should be taught in schools, but aren’t!

Yes, I want life-long changes for my family

Want smoother days and

to feel more energized with your kids?


  • This class is only for Dads (okay, Moms will benefit also). Specifically busy dads that have huge hearts, love their kids so much that they are want more for their kids but don’t have the time to read all the parenting books.
  • This class is for dads that worry about their kid’s futures, especially powerful for dad’s with daughters.
  • This class is not for dads that are seeking a quick fix, a magic pill, or special switch.
  • This class is for dads who want to be more energized around their kids, feel more accomplished, and desire a stronger more cohesive family unit.
  • This class is geared towards fathers with kids still under 8 years old.

I want the character hacks

Register now and change your life & your kid’s lives forever

Join to elevate your Dad Abilities

When I elevate my Dad Abilities, my whole family wins!

Get ready to learn the techniques will help motivate you daily to shape the character of your children in a positive direction.

Jeremy Oms
Your Personal Training Coach



The early years are critical!

The First 8 Years of a Child’s Life, they build their Character that will last them the rest of their lives.

Modern Dads are More Involved Than Ever

It used to be that moms would spend all the time reading parenting books and figuring out the best way to raise their kids… and much of the parenting moms do comes naturally. I found that dads are a bit different. If we wing it, we can get by. But if we learn it, we can supercharge our days.

Modern Families are More Busy Than Ever

We have more activities in our weeks that there is almost no time to think much less plan. In a flash a year flies by, but yet the days feel longer than ever and we often feel drained by the end of the day. How can we shift the way we approach our days to create more time and more fulfillment?

Why are the first 8 years of Child’s Life So Important?

During the first 8 years of a child’s life, they form their character (who they are). Their character will be shaped by all encounters and molded by those they spend the most time with. As parents, we have fantastic obligation to prepare kids to be the very best they can possibly be.

Choose to Not Outsource Your Kid’s Character Building

Who should be the primary influence on our kid’s characters? Schools? Churches? TV? Media? All have valuable parts to play. But we as parents own the most power. The more we improve our parenting skills, our Kids Win, Our Family’s win, and Society Wins!

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